Quilt Labels

Special Service

If you want a label on your quilt (and who doesn't?), we can make one for you to your specifications.

 This is an embellishment that will be sure to enhance your quilt and make it all the more memorable.

Each quilt label is computer generated by That Quilter, allowing us to provide many creative design variations. Each label is printed on 100% combed cotton fabric. We utilize permanent ink that will not run or fade.

If you wish, you may provide a photo or graphic to be included on the label. We will scan it - or you may provide the photo in digital form (JPEGs and TIFFs are preferred). We also have numerous photos and graphics of our own that can be added to the label to suit your wishes and the quilt it will be going onto.

Your wording on the label can be printed over the photo or to the side, top,or bottom of the photo - your choice. We have numerous fonts that can be used for the wording.

OR let us choose a design for you that coordinates with your quilt.

We can sew the label right onto your quilt during the quilting process - or we can ship the label to you for you to sew it onto your quilt.