Quilt Preparation



  • Fabric care: If you pre-wash your fabric, please consider using an unscented soap or detergent.
  • Quilt tops should be clean and pressed.
  • All loose thread should be removed.
  • Top should be squared up.
  • Please remove pet hair.  A lint roller works great for this.  I have a minimum charge of $20 to remove pet hair.

**SPECIAL NOTE - Do Not Prebaste the quilt top. It will only have to be removed before the top can be quilted (at extra cost to you).


  • Back needs to be 8" longer & wider than the top (for a quilt measuring 90" x 100", the backing should be at least 98" x 108").
  • Back should be squared up.  There will be a minimum $10.00 fee to square backing, if needed.
  • Back should be clean and pressed.
  • Remove all selvages. It is particularly important to remove selvages that will be enclosed in seam before backing is pieced.  (Selvages are more tightly woven than the main fabric and will cause puckers and pleats if not removed before piecing).
  • Press seams open on back.
  • Your quilt will be worked on as-is.  If any fabric preparation or repair work is necessary, an extra charge will be added for this service.  (Price to be determined by work needed).  For Example: Backs received with hard folds will be ironed - at additional cost. This needs to be done in order to aid in preventing puckers on the back of the quilt.
  • We suggest a using a print fabric on the back.  This will hide starts and stops. This is especially important on custom work. These have many starts and stops.


  • For customer supplied prepackaged batting -- $3.00 will be charged to "de-wrinkle" these battings.
    • You can do this yourself and avoid the charge by spraying the batting with a wrinkle release product and air fluffing in your dryer.